Cosmos has the first Slash event, 5% mortgage ATOM is deducted

At 3:38 pm on June 29, a certifier node named was banned by the Cosmos Network for two different blocks at block height 848186. It is understood that the node is mortgaged. 5% of ATOM tokens are deducted by the system. The last time the node was released was 3:38:09 on June 29, 2019, and 22,189 ATOM tokens (about 900,000) were deducted from the system at 8:40 on June 29, 2019. And the node should be in a permanent state. This ban and deduction was automatically detected and executed by the Tendermint system. Some people commented on Zaki Manian's Twitter comment that there is a running problem with the node's server. The node's standby server and the primary server are running at the same time and submitting the block at the same time, resulting in the system being banned and deducted from the mortgage.