Report: Bitcoin has risen 40% of the time since May

According to Bloomberg, since the beginning of May, the bitcoin trading boom over the weekend has accounted for 40% of the bitcoin price increase this year. There are several reasons for this happening. First, Shallot found that encrypted hedge fund ProChain Capital analyst David Tawil said one of the factors is that uneasy traders want to take the lead in trading on the weekend. He said: "This is a somewhat forward-looking expectation, or grabbed the front of the news cycle through weekend trading." Second, opportunistic traders made a big attack on the weekend, Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone believes that savvy deals The staff tried to make quick use of the calm of the weekend to make a profit. However, Shallot found that some Bitcoin prices will rise over the weekend as crypto investors have more time to digest all the news announced this week, and then they use the data to calculate transactions. In addition, some skeptics believe. Bitcoin giants are likely to manipulate prices by conducting large-scale transactions over the weekend to determine what they want on Monday's market.