Chainge Technology Salon 丨Nervos Lu Guoning: The bottleneck of insufficient blockchain performance is not in the consensus algorithm, to maximize performance in Layer 2

On June 30th, Nervos co-founder Lu Guoning made a topic sharing of the "Nervos CKB Next Generation Blockchain Underlying Infrastructure" at the Chainge Technology Salon. Lu Guoning pointed out that for the current blockchain performance is insufficient, many practitioners choose the consensus algorithm. Work hard, but this will fall into an infinite loop of impossible triangles in the blockchain. When someone claims to be able to raise TPS to 1000, 1000 or higher, you should think about what they have given up behind performance improvements. Lu Guoning said that Nervos would not choose to compromise on security and decentralization in Layer 1, but on the basis of the original blockchain consensus, the most likely crush performance, put performance improvement in layer2. Live link: