Chainge Technology Salon is the lead architect of the original chain James: based on the side chain, accelerate the integration of traditional industries and blockchain

On June 30th, James, the chief architect of the original chain, shared the theme of “Bystack: Blockchain Business Layered Architecture for the Future” at the Chainge Technology Salon. James said that Bytom solves the commercial difficulties by layering the blockchain, and launches the BaaS platform Bystack with the main sidechain architecture, which is the main chain of Bystack than the original chain. Any organization/institution can create custom sidechains through Bysack to move assets from the main chain to the sidechains through cross-chain technology. In terms of performance, 20K+ TPS can be achieved in the public chain mode, the block confirmation time is 0.6S, and the bifurcation rate is 0.27%. 100K+ TP is supported in the federated chain mode. In order to accelerate the integration of traditional industries and blockchain, James revealed that on August 24-25, the "2019 than the original global developer contest" will be held in San Francisco, USA. Registration link: Live link: