Chainge Technology Salon 丨 IRISnet co-founder Harriet: Cosmos/IRISnet and Polkadot have no competition

On June 30th, IRISnet co-founder Harriet Cao shared the theme of "IBC Cross-Chain Communication Protocol iSerVice" at the Chainge Technology Salon. Harriet pointed out that Cosmos/IRISnet and Polkadot have no competition. The so-called difference core of the two is at two points. The first point is the governance mechanism. Cosmos is the independent governance mechanism of Independnet Security. Polkadot is a shared security management mechanism for Shared Security. Second, Cosmos's architecture behaves more like Android, and developers have the flexibility to customize features. Polkadot is similar to IOS, focusing on the underlying security, developers can get started quickly. Therefore, the two are focused on solving different problems and there is no direct competition. Live link: