Chainge Technology Salon 丨Random Capital Partner: Dutch auctions used by Algorand have caused confusion in the industry

At the round table forum of the Chainge Technology Salon "Defi – Decoding the New Opportunities for Cross-Chain Investment", Boka's variant of the Dutch auction, as well as the Dutch auction of the recent hot algorand, so this way will become A new trend in currency pricing? In this regard, Liu Yi believes that the project side has shifted the attention of investors, which will enable investors to use their energy in arbitrage research, which brings a bad head to the industry. Good projects should focus on fundamental innovations, such as innovations in consensus algorithms. The Dutch auction adopted by algorand has caused confusion in the industry, urged the project parties to converge as soon as possible, and concentrate on doing things. At the same time, the investment field should quickly develop a set of recognized methods for the valuation of blockchain cryptocurrency.