Is CSW still important for Nakamoto?

According to Bloomberg News on June 28, this Friday, the main supporter of Bitcoin SV, known as "Ao Ben Cong" Craig Wright (CSW) said in the federal court in Florida that he could not easily access the value of 10 billion yuan belonging to Nakamoto. The bitcoin wealth of the dollar does not even provide the address information for storing these coins.

Wright defended himself in court and denied that he had stolen the bitcoin of his business partner Dave Kleiman. Wright claims that Kleiman is responsible for hiding the bitcoin shared by the two to protect Wright's identity as the founder of Bitcoin. According to Wright, "I brought Dave in because he is my friend. He knows who I am. He is a forensic expert. I want to erase everything I have about Bitcoin from the public record."

In court, Wright's emotions suddenly became very excited. He choked and saw that the bitcoin he created was used on the Silk Road and other illegal activities, so he chose to stop mining and contribute to Bitcoin in 2010. .

Later, Kleiman’s lawyer mentioned the falsification of documents.

Wright accused Kleiman's lawyer of submitting the document (a printed e-mail in PDF format) to the court for perjury. "You did mislead the court," Wright said.

Then, Wright took the document out in public, and this behavior also attracted the anger of Judge Reinhart, who said:

"If you dare to have another document in my court, your hand will soon be picked up."

After that, Wright insisted: "This is not an email, it's just a pdf."

Wright said Kleiman's lawyers tried to mislead the court, but allegedly fake emails were provided by Wright's team.

Wright said the document was sent by employees on the Kleiman side when they were trying to force his company into liquidation. He says:

"You want me to comment on a file on a server that is trying to force my liquidator to run, so they can sell my intellectual property."

Then, the conversation topic was transferred to the trust company that stored Bitcoin.

Kleiman's lawyer, Velvel Freedman, questioned:

“A company that was acquired by you in 2014, and then you claim to be a trust beneficiary company created in 2012?”


"I don't recognize the documents you submitted."

In the end, the situation fell into Wright's failure to recognize the documents, while Kleiman's lawyers pointed out that the documents were produced by the Wright side.

Later, Wright explained that he needed to get at least eight of the 15 key parts in order to be able to access the bitcoins held in the trust.


"Who is holding these 15 key fragments?"


"I have some control, but I don't remember them."


"Who else has them?"


"I haven't looked at the file yet, no one asked me to view the file."

Freedman subsequently pointed out that Wright was asked to provide these addresses.

The judge accepted the interrogation, and Wright explained that he gave some of the keys to Dave Kleiman, who said that some keys would not be available until 2020.

Judge Reinhart:

"So from 2016, you know that you don't have access to these files. You only have access to it by 2020. You know this in February 2019 and March 2019, right?"

The judge did not say much about it, but the clear hint was that he hoped to hear it before today.

Obviously, this hearing still has no result. Wright does not recognize the documents given by Kleiman's lawyers on the one hand, and insists that he will only wait until 2020 to access these bitcoins.

It is reported that there will be a hearing next, and there will be expert witnesses present, and the day is expected.

At present, before the arrival of 2020, we will also see that CSW will continue to prove that he is Nakamoto, but he still cannot provide decisive proof.

Before that, people who believe in him still believe, unbelievers, will not write to death, and then the two sides say: SB!