Li Lin: will build a blockchain-based global asset monetization and financial market infrastructure, and realize code open source in October.

On the evening of June 30, Li Lin, the founder of the fire coin, published a detailed disclosure of the fire currency public chain plan in his personal public number “Li Lin Leon”. The fire currency will work with the Nervos Foundation to build a global asset based on blockchain. Monetization and financial market infrastructure, the fire currency public chain will provide a chain of compliance and regulatory framework to meet the high performance requirements of financial transactions, support different types of blockchain assets and traditional asset chaining. At the same time, the fire currency public chain will support third parties to develop and operate sub-chains based on the fire currency public chain agreement, and support third parties to provide DEFI services for chain assets. In terms of timetable, the code will be open sourced in October 2019, and the test online line will be implemented in February 2020, and will be officially launched in May 2020.