The mid-year inventory 丨 2019 in the first half of the year, people are happy

In the first half of 2019, it was not a strong fire, but it was also a bull market. Recalling the six months of 2019, Bitcoin rose from 3,400 knives to 13,300 knives, which took less than half a year.

Although it was only a short period of 6 months, in this short period of time, IEO was cool after the madness, and the tricks of the money ran away, and the appetite of the people’s appetite and the disappointing EOS… It is increasing, and some people are happy.



Coin Safety pioneered IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings). Private placements are based on exchanges, and they are quickly traded on the exchange. Participants can quickly realize the private placement of funds and make a short-term profit as the currency rises. Project parties and exchanges can attract more attention through the IEO.

IEO has been smashing the currency, and large, medium and small exchanges such as Firecoin, OKex, and Gate have followed suit.

It's just that the IEOs of different exchanges can be said to be all sentient beings.

The first IEO project NCMT of bit-z broke shortly after the launch, and after 2 days, the price dropped by 100 times.

After Gate’s first IEO project went live, the investors blamed the lack of a pull and defended their rights. The subsequent projects did not break, but the increase was not large. Gate has repeatedly revised the rules of IEO, in which a project has risen slowly after going online, and suddenly it has plummeted in an instant, and investors have no time to sell.

Bibox has four projects in the same time, and one project has been removed before the event. The project side and the bibox are intertwined. On the same day, IEO deducted the subscription amount in full, but when the event was announced, the user’s subscription amount was not returned when the result of the successful bidding. Then the bibox platform currency bix fell sharply, and then the bibox compensated the user. The entire IEO process of bibox is also no shortage of slots, and it is very lively.

What's more, the currency exchange trading office in IEO soon closed down. It is said that the owner of the exchange was detained, and the detention was still running. We are not aware of it.

After the chicken feathers, the project side still needs early financing, and investors need to invest in this way of coexisting risks and opportunities. The advantage of IEO over ICO is that, due to the participation of the exchange, it is very easy to go online, without worrying that the levy time is too long, even if it breaks, there is money to recover, and it will not be lost.

Therefore, the current IEO is still alive, but the heat has been greatly reduced.


❖ pure fund scam ❖

  The well-known fund project BHB ran away. This project, once owned by Luo Yufeng and known as a 11% dividend, finally ran in the first half of 2019.

The BHB dividend mode has died, and the resonance mode coin has ushered in a new life. A resonance coin called VDS was a big fire. The user can use the BTC resonance VDS in the wallet to participate in the earlier resonance. VDS is called resonance, and this VDS prize pool is called a resonance pool. In addition to the resonance of bitcoin, there are resonance pools of other mainstream currencies.

In fact, the so-called resonance is just to use BTC to buy VDS, and the earlier the price is bought, the lower the price. VDS wants to realize it or to trade VDS back to BTC in the exchange, but people who come early can naturally switch to more BTC, and those who come late can't change back to BTC when they buy. Until the end of the re-resonance VDS, VDS nobody cares, the funds collapse.

Recently, a message called PlusToken Wallet has been sent. The routine is a high-yield deposit.

All of these pure fund scams have several features in common:

First, make money with money. The main feature of the fund disk is to make money with money, not to use wisdom, to make money.

Second, don't create any satisfaction and experience. If it is said that the money is the core feature of the fund disk, then the money to generate money + does not create any satisfaction and experience is the characteristics of pure funds.

To make money with money is to invest money and produce money. Without creating any satisfaction and experience, no matter what you invest, you only produce money and do not produce any happiness.

Our usual consumption, clothing, food, housing, travel, entertainment, and so on, are all invested and produced satisfaction and happiness. The pure fund plate does not create any satisfaction or happiness at all.

Third, high yields. In fact, bank deposits and currency coins are purely fund-based, because they all generate money with money and do not create any satisfaction or experience, except for money.

However, bank deposits and currency depreciation may not have a high rate of return, because the source of income from bank deposits is the lender. The source of income of the lender is to create wealth through operating profit or labor. The deposit and loan interest rate is based on the average social rate of return. It is impossible to have too high a return because the growth rate of social wealth in the same period is not unlimited.

While the speculative currency may be earned or lost, the profitable yield is a risk return.

So the high rate of return is terrible. It is so high that it doesn't know where its source is, it is too high to lose logic, or the logic of high yield is probably a scam.

Summarize the formula:

Funds disk = money for money

Pure fund disk = generate money with money + do not create any satisfaction and experience

Pure fund scam = generate money with money + don't create any satisfaction and experience + high yield

❖EOS 殇❖


After talking about the funding disk, it is the opposite EOS.

EOS is undoubtedly a star project, its technology is too strong, and the founder's popularity is too high. Its dpos consensus is a subversion of the blockchain world.

Dpos reduces the number of billing nodes, thereby increasing the degree of centralization of the blockchain, while achieving high efficiency, at least relatively higher efficiency than other public chains.

BM said it will release the biggest news in EOSIO's history in June this year.

So the June 1 conference kicked off in people's expectations, and the upcoming EOS virtual machine could further improve the efficiency of the EOS public chain, a social application on the EOS public chain… and so on.

All of these messages are increasing and improving the user experience of EOS, and both are good news for EOS. Therefore, EOS is the existence of a complete opposition to the funding disk – product disk.

However, as with all the news in the currency circle, once the news surface was exposed, the price of the currency fell immediately. Instead, in the mysterious time before the news, EOS once rose.

So, this EOS, which didn't have much money to play, was once again depressed.


Written at the end


People are very interesting, and they don’t look at the fundamentals to participate in IEO. It’s a matter of course to make money. If you can’t make money, you will defend your rights…

People are very interesting. From BHB to VDS, almost everyone knows it is a fund, but people still bravely jumped in. Because people believe that there will always be latecomers to take over, some people succeed, and some people become the last ones…

People are very interesting, while cursing the funds, while investing in it, while still accusing the powerful product disk EOS…

Then, people are actively involved in various staking economies, earning more coins by staking the coins in their hands. As everyone knows, there is no project that does not make sense of space. The staking economy itself is a fund disk…

This is the currency circle in the first half of 2019. What else can I say?