The German Christian Social Union and the Democratic Alliance expressed interest in developing stable euro-based coins

On July 1, the German Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) expressed interest in developing a stable token based on the euro. It believes that this move will enable Germany to keep up with global technological advances, achieve full supervision of the central bank, and reduce overall costs. The alliance first disclosed its plan through an announcement called “Investing in the Digital Future”, which included “Digital Euro” as one of the potential use cases for blockchain technology. Odaily Planet Daily Note: According to previous reports, the alliance of the German Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) hopes to integrate blockchain technology into public services. The alliance revealed that it hopes to use the blockchain for public service tasks such as administrative services, electronic health records, document protection and registration. Specifically, the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union propose to create a new form of company that should be linked to another business register. The system should enable digitally encrypted identification by a specially trained notary.