Zhu Min, Dean of the National Institute of Finance: We should not be taken lightly on the birth of Libra

On July 1st, Zhu Min, dean of the National Finance Research Institute, said that it is difficult to say that Facebook's digital currency Libra is an Alipay, because Alipay is a payment intermediary, and Libra is starting from payment, with reserves and principals and bonds as collateral. Object, there is a basket of currency for labeling and pricing, and its core concept is currency. Second, Libra's core concept is cross-border. Third, Libra combines the policies that the central bank has to consider with the functions paid by commercial banks. "So this framework is very interesting." Zhu Min bluntly said, "We should not be too light to the birth of Libra. This will have a big impact on the existing financial system, the monetary system and even the future reserve system." He also said that Libra now has many problems, such as its leverage problem, reserve problem, centralized management system and mechanism, there are many problems, it is still in the very initial stage, can not succeed without knowing.