The data shows that the activity on the bitcoin chain has dropped significantly.

According to Tokenview data, last week (2019.6.24-6.30) bitcoin chain index rose steadily, the daily average active address number was 896961, up 12.3% from last week; the average daily new address number was 419463, compared with Week dropped by 0.58%. The number of transactions per day on the average chain was 372,129, up 3.61% from last week; the average daily transfer amount for a single transfer of more than 100 BTC was 1,681, down 10.25% from last week. The number of Bitcoin active addresses broke through a million again on June 26 and 28, and the two-day currency prices fluctuated greatly. The liquidity of the funds was large, the turnover rate was high, and the currency price and the large amount of transfer were both in the market. After reaching a recent high on June 27, it quickly fell back. The market outlook can focus on some of the mainstream currencies that are stagflation.