A New York user filed a lawsuit against Bittrex, alleging that he was suspected of withholding funds

On July 1st, a New York resident recently filed a lawsuit against the crypto exchange Bittrex, alleging that he was suspected of detaining funds. The plaintiff claimed to have deposited $120,000 in his Bittrex account in August 2018, Bittrex suspended the account and refused to release the funds by November 2019. She also claimed that the exchange "attempts to blackmail her by detaining funds from her account" unless she signs an agreement to waive the right to sue the company. Bittrex claims that the plaintiff’s allegations were untrue and that she did not provide evidence of funding sources as required by the laws of the State of New York and the United States. According to reports, the defendant requested arbitration or transferred the case to the federal court in Seattle. The plaintiff did not respond to the request approved by the court. Note: According to Bittrex, when the plaintiff registered with the cryptocurrency exchange, she agreed to the terms of service of the platform, including the arbitration clause. According to reports, the first page of the article states that the above provisions "administer the settlement of certain disputes and waive any right to be tried by a jury or to participate in a class action."