Data Analysis: A total of 14 security incidents occurred in June, with a cumulative loss of nearly $160 million.

On July 1st, according to the statistics of the black archives in the Hacked blockchain in the slow fog area, there were 14 reported security incidents in June, resulting in a total loss of USD 159,884,454.31. There are still many security incidents due to The loss of the project may not be counted due to reasons such as the collapse of the project or the inability to value the token. There were 5 DApp security incidents, 1 public security incident, 4 wallet security incidents, and 4 exchange security incidents. The more serious security incidents were exposed to the TokenStore wallet, which took away billions of investors and involved multiple mainstream currencies such as BTC, XRP and ETH. In view of the frequent occurrence of recent exchanges and wallet running events, the Slow Fog Safety Team reminds users to be cautious in participating in investment, alerting suspicious project parties to avoid property damage, and hopes that all exchanges and wallets will strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) inspections and resolutely Oppose money laundering and other suspicious transactions.