BM and the community in-depth discussion of the idea of ​​"selecting BP through game algorithms"

BM today appeared in the telegraph group to have a more in-depth discussion with community members on the idea of ​​choosing BP through game algorithms. BM means that each competitive category produces a unique winner, which in turn resists witch attacks. The goal of the game algorithm is to identify and screen unique talents with distinct skills. In addition, some community members asked: Is it the best person to win the game? BM replied: You don't need to be the best of the 1000 people, it will lead to a single Pareto distribution (28 distribution), you only need to be one of the best players in the 1000 group. Each person can only participate in one type of competition. In response, some members asked: Why do you have to set up different types of competitions, it only chooses the best one, then ordinary people? Sometimes ordinary people can do a good job in community governance. BM replied: This is the purpose of the random lottery we need. Finally, BM said his advice is more about real-world governance than blockchain. The blockchain must use a variety of PoW or PoS methods to achieve decentralized governance through a variety of consensus mechanism algorithms.