Xinhua Net: Blockchain helps crack information on information island pain points and data security protection on the cloud

On June 30th, Xinhuanet issued a document entitled “Thirst quenching” on the “endorsement” of the cloud – a new “solution” for SME financing, which called the blockchain boost and cracked the pain points of “information islands”. At present, the supply chain financial products using blockchain technology are also continuously launched. Taking the “micro-enterprise chain platform” jointly created by Lianyi and Tencent as an example, the platform is based on the underlying technology of blockchain and focuses on the application of supply chain financial scenarios. Through the core enterprise credits to the end of the supply chain, the participants of the supply chain finance can obtain real information, so that financial institutions can efficiently carry out fund docking. In addition, in the security protection of data on the cloud, the industry is also exploring the use of blockchain technology to prevent cloud data from being separated due to ownership and management rights, resulting in a series of security issues such as user privacy leakage and malicious tampering.