Reddit will accept cryptocurrency rewards, this time without robots

Reddit is preparing to support cryptocurrency rewards.

For hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are immersed in this forum every day, this will be a huge advantage. There are so many cryptocurrency enthusiasts on Reddit that one of the cryptocurrency sub-blocks (r/Bitcoin) has more than 1 million subscribers – even more than the Harry Potter section.


Earlier, Reddit has begun offering non-native rewards. Users can create "reward robots" where users can pay a small amount of mainstream cryptocurrency. However, such robots are more complicated to use, and it is difficult for users to view their balances and it is difficult to withdraw them.

Now, Reddit will launch a feature that allows users to reward each other with BAT. BAT is very popular on the privacy-conscious Brave browser. This token was designed with the reward in mind, and even small expenses don't cost too much. On the Brave browser, users can reward the site to reward the content it provides.

A developer at Reddit said that this feature is currently being developed in preview mode and will be the first to be released in Reddit's beta before the introduction of the official website.

Reddit's reward feature is likely to be very similar to the lightning network on Twitter, and Twitter's reward feature is also from

For many users, Reddit is one of the ways to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. There are various sub-sections and sections dedicated to competing coins. Reddit's cryptocurrency community is very powerful, so content review issues are often discussed and blamed.

The site is also home to the largest anti-cryptocurrency community, r/Buttcoin, which often satirizes everything related to cryptocurrencies. However, on the Reddit website, the rewards will soon become very simple, and even "Buttcoiners" will find themselves unconsciously attracted by cryptocurrencies.

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