CCTV-2 financial channel column special program "Spring Investment Report" discusses whether the blockchain still stays in the concept of speculation

On April 9th, the CCTV-2 financial channel column special program "Spring Investment Report" discussed whether the blockchain is still stuck in the concept of speculation. For the first batch of 197 blockchain information service names and filing numbers issued by the National Internet Information Office, Song Jiaji, chief analyst of Guosheng Securities Communications Industry, said in an interview: – Relevant departments point the direction to the blockchain industry from a regulatory perspective The global regulation of the blockchain industry is progressing. – The 197 blockchain service projects and corresponding enterprises released by the Internet Office recently cannot represent the beginning of large-scale commercial use. Currently, it is only a small-scale pilot. These 197 projects mainly have the following four main application scenarios: supply chain finance, product traceability, digital copyright of blockchain and underlying R&D. Overall, the application of digital scenes with relatively high degree of digitization and multi-party participation is dominant. At present, in terms of profit model, supply chain finance may fall as quickly as possible.