Zhu Hexin, deputy governor of the central bank: using information technology such as blockchain, it should ensure that information sources are traceable, error-correctable, and viable.

Zhu Hexin, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, pointed out that in the process of using small-scale micro-enterprises and three-agricultural credit information services in the use of pre-lending alternative data, information technology such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and supply chain will inevitably be involved. However, no matter what technology is adopted, it should ensure that the source of information is traceable, error-correctable, and defendable. It cannot use the so-called mathematical algorithm to “fudge” the public, Zhang Guan Li Dai and the generality; it should ensure that the information application channel can be informed and authorized. Can be analogous, can not use the data advantage to conduct crowd discrimination, seek improper interests and conduct unfair competition.