Before the "Ten billion funds" PlusToken crash, users recharge their faith every day.

"Are you still feeling the money for the salary increase? Are you still feeling exhausted for the holidays? Are you arrogant for the office? PlusToken gives you a miracle of life, the blessing of the believer!"

“Every day with PlusToken”, “Blue Sky and White Clouds, Sunshine Rain, Plus Token is with you and me.”

“PlusToken, a wallet that combines technology and dreams.”

Every day for half a year, Louise will unveil a class of friends, good morning dynamics or viral communication slogans. Even if the market is generally up, from the big cake to the altcoin, the Louise does not forget to cheer up on the PlusToken in the circle of friends: "tolerate loneliness, keep the bustling", "do not speculate, only move bricks, Only PlusToken "…

When the PlusToken project was hot, the brainwashing content about the project was screened in the circle of friends of various currency circles, and even made you suspect that you are a person without faith.

Until recently, according to many users, the relief of Louise in the deep and hot PlusToken began to be unable to withdraw, his circle of friends was "fully transformed" for the years to be quiet.

At present, this suspected fund is not qualitative, the PlusToken, is in deep crisis.

Once a dream wallet, can't withdraw now

On July 1, the "Phoenix Network Blockchain" official micro-information said that the Vanuatu police force arrested six Chinese nationals, six people suspected of illegal Internet fraud, suspected of the PlusToken founding team. Two days ago, the British "Daily Mail" reported the news on June 29, but the report did not clearly indicate the founding team of PlusToken.

Earlier, according to the financial report on the financial network chain, more than 400 Plustoken investors who contacted it did not mention the success; the PlusToken collapse of the first fund project of the currency circle is a foregone conclusion. On the financial network chain, Finance also quoted a person close to the police as saying that the amount involved in PlusToken is about 20 billion yuan.

During the period when the tokens could not be withdrawn, PlusToken officially used the technology update as a reason to appease the investors. Later, it was also affected by the Indian Digital Assets Exchange. It was also blocked by the slow confirmation of the miners and the congestion of the Bitcoin network.

At the same time, PlusToken was unable to withdraw cash and caused panic among investors. At the same time, the “project side runs” said that there was no research, panic and intense discussion spread in the community and paste bar of PlusToken.

In PlusToken's Post Bar Forum, some people have determined that the project party has run, crying that the investment PlusToken is likely to be squandered; some people are still replenishing the faith for the project side, calling on investors to stabilize and not be alarmed; others have started a new business, The plus tokens that the user can't withdraw are collected in the post bar.

Claiming that Google and Samsung account for 17% of the shares, the real founding team is confusing

In fact, the actual team of PlusToken has always been a fan of the founding team.

In the early text white paper, PlusToken said that it was developed by Samsung and Google's original technical team with many years of experience, and the research and development laboratory is in Seoul, South Korea. At the same time, the original official promotional material mentioned that its founder is Google Alpha dog algorithm researcher LEO, co-founder of the Samsung team core technology Jin Zhongren. PlusToken claims that Google and Samsung account for 17% of its shares.

LEO, the co-founder of Russia, is one of the only two members of PlusToken. The LEO with foreign faces is often present and active in the activities of PlusToken.

After going online, PlusToken began to shape itself.

According to public information, PlusToken not only boarded Zhongguancun, Nasdaq big screen, but also held offline activities in Korea, Japan and other countries, and even took a group photo with British Crown Prince Charles.

(Note: The PlusToken aspect is called the project founder LEO accepted the British Crown Prince Charles when the interview)

The question of the ambiguity of the founding team members, the official has given an explanation, do not care about the team, Nakamoto did not show up.

The story of LEO and Jin Zhongren's two PlusToken founders is that both LEO and Jin Zhongren may be embarrassed.

On July 1st, the Weibo content of the “Phoenix Network Blockchain” was posted with a picture of a six-person avatar. These six characters who were suspected to be members of the PlusToken team sparked people's attention.

Among them, the member named "chenbo" (Chen Bo) at the bottom right of the picture was exposed by the currency circle from the media public number "Conscience of the Currency Circle".

Chen Bo, a celebrity of Chen Bo, walked the rivers and lakes in the currency circle. Chen Zihan also claimed to be the first person in PlusToken China. The conscience of the currency circle has quoted netizens to break the news that Chen Zihan fled because of the mainland police tracing. He said that Chen has been promoting PlusToken since 2018, at least several hundred million yuan.

Even if the British "Daily Mail" did not clearly state in the June 29 report that the six were the founding team of PlusToken, it was only suspected of Internet fraud. According to public information, among the six members who were disclosed, Chen Bo was the platform of the PlusToken project, and was also wanted by the police to be charged by PlusToken. The relationship was inevitably confusing.

Borrowed by the blockchain name to play the fund disk, it was officially investigated and dealt with by Hunan in March.

In April 2018, the PlusToken digital currency wallet was launched. In the promotion, it called itself the world's second largest digital currency wallet, claiming to want to do the Alipay in the blockchain.

In addition to the storage of digital currency functions in ordinary wallets, PlusToken also claims to be a digital currency arbitrage quantitative trading wallet, using smart dog brick-and-mortar mode to help users use the exchange's spread profit between exchanges. Only when the user holds a token of more than $500 can the smart dog move brick mode be turned on.

In an early white paper, PlusToken introduced that investors can deposit $1 million and compound interest can earn $7 million a year. After the smart brick is opened, the user can get 10% to 30% monthly income in addition to the insurance.

High revenues have become a major factor in attracting users to the market.

"If there is such a high return in this world, what should people do to work?" Yang Zhou, the founder of the centralized bank PayPal wallet.

Professional Quantitative Team BitGlobal CEO Jack Hu also believes that 10% to 30% is “unreasonable”: “The income of brick arbitrage before May 18 is still quite high, but because the market opportunity is only so big, there are many people walking. Now, there is no way to go, so the benefits of moving bricks and arbitrage in the back become very low. At present, the yield of brick arbitrage is generally around 3 points per month."

In addition, PlusToken introduces a hierarchical pipeline revenue model to encourage users to develop offline with high commissions. In its propaganda, it is said that the development of the downline can also obtain a high commission, the user directly develops a downline reward of 100%, and the second floor to the tenth layer each rewards 10%, and the promotion rewards no level limit.

In addition, according to the public report data, PlusToken account is also divided into four categories: big family, big coffee, great god, and founding. This not only requires direct push users, but also requires users to open smart dog brick-blocking mode to get the corresponding benefits. The income dividends obtained at each level are different. The founding level is even promised an additional platform monthly and annual rebate dividend. Similar patterns are very similar to the model of MLM and funding.

In fact, as early as November 2018, there have been self-medias that have revealed that Plus Token is essentially “false quantitative, true pyramid scheme”.

According to the media, since the ETH recharge mode was opened in September 2018, the tokens deposited by users will be automatically transferred to a private account, but all coins will be almost inaccessible. This means that it is very likely that “transporting arbitrage” is not actually carried out. The self-media evaluation: (PlusToken) is just a game of collecting coins.

“It is not a real move to be able to take out the profit of 10%~30% of the monthly profit. Moving bricks needs to realize the transaction between the platform and the platform. The coins are placed in the platform, there is no such thing. Generate a transaction, how to achieve a profit margin?" Jack Hu directly told his own question to the Odaily Planet Daily.

On the other hand, the enthusiasm of the leeks is beyond imagination. According to the media statistics, in early May 2018, the PlusToken wallet address initially had more than 100 ETHs, and by November 2018 it had increased to more than 90,000 Ethereum.

At the same time, this high-risk model has also raised regulatory concerns.

In February 2019, Wenyuan Police Station in Tianxin District, Changsha City investigated and dealt with the “PlusToken Wallet” MLM promotion site in Changsha. The report on this incident clearly mentions that “PlusToken Wallet” is only wearing the hottest “blockchain” vest, and is innovating the scorpion, deceiving investors, but in fact still has to charge the entry fee and develop the offline. Three pyramid schemes at the level of remuneration are typical MLM activities.

Even so, the funds for selling the "rich riches" fantasies are still popular with a large number of leeks, spreading around the country and even overseas.

According to media reports, the PlusToken wallet has swept across nearly 170 countries, mainly in China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Russia and Myanmar, involving 3 million people.

Amaranth daily friend circle recharges faith, "crash" but in an instant

The Odaily Planet Daily reporter found out that the PlusToken and its associated PlusToken wallet project will be tagged 1126 times through the MLM and fund-based self-checking program launched by Tencent. The main tagged tags are “proclaimed high-yield” and “cottage virtual” Coin blockchain".

The true identity of the team is a mystery, the income is not high, etc. These are the typical characteristics of the fund disk. However, from the current situation, the project has not been identified by the public security department, and the team can not confirm whether it is running. The project may have disappeared into the storm before the public security department or its founding members gave a strong response.

In fact, this is the final outcome of most MLM orders.

"According to the existing police and media disclosures, combined with the current legal provisions and judicial precedents, from the promotion and reward model of Plustoken, it is undoubtedly illegal pyramid schemes." Chain Law team Pang Lipeng believes that due to "virtual currency, district Blockchain + MLM is mostly based on the issue of currency, and there is virtually no effective product.

Therefore, if there is still a situation of “pull the head” and “the number of development personnel as the basis for compensation and rebate”, it is likely to be identified as an illegal pyramid scheme, as is the case with Pulstoken.

Lawyer Pang Lipeng of the chain law team believes that investors need to actively recover to achieve the purpose of stop loss.

Evidence is the key to successful rights protection. When summarizing and sorting out evidence, we must proceed from the perspective of “police filing standards”, paying particular attention to encrypted asset purchase records, bank transfer information, WeChat chat records (voice and text), and even call records. And other evidence, in which the encrypted asset purchase record can directly prove how much damage (RMB loss) is incurred as a victim.

In the netizen commentary, some users revealed that the scope of the PlusToken project is not small, and most of them are middle-aged and senior citizens.

“There are more people over the age of 50 who are deceived, and more and more people are involved.”

“We have already gone deep into the suburbs of Dalian. With the ten years of financial work experience and study abroad background of our husband and wife, we can’t persuade the old mother to withdraw from this (PlusToken) pyramid scheme…”

After the negative rumors about the possible collapse of PlusToken, there were a large number of investors who started the project on WeChat Group, Baidu Post Bar and Tencent.

But before the crash, no snowflake was innocent.

PlusToken sells and pours fantasy for the believers, and these believers blow the bubble bigger and send it to the next prey. Only when the believers continue to spread can they avoid becoming the last receiver.

It is the "assist" like the Louise at the beginning of the article. In the spread of the mouth, PlusToken's plate is getting bigger and bigger, and it also accelerates the crash day.

In addition to some investors who don't understand the fund and virtual currency pyramid schemes, PlusToken has a lot of money in the pockets. Due to the greed of human nature, the historic tragedy is constantly repeating itself.

"I also knew that this was a fund, but people always felt that they would be an exception, thinking that they could escape. They originally wanted to double and ran. The result was nothing." An investor described himself in Baidu Post Bar. The journey of the heart.

“The leek is not memorable, it’s too big, it’s going to repeat over time.” A satirical investor’s satirical PlusToken event

"10%-30% yield, do you believe it? Actually they don't believe it, but they don't think they will be the last one."

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