A Dapp market with a total transaction volume of $11.1 billion in stock | 2019 data report for the first half of the year

In 2019, halfway through the unknowingly, BTC led the cryptocurrency market to pick up. The Dapp's attention is not as good as before. Some users lose the secondary market, but compared to last year, the entire Dapp The market is still growing steadily. From the number of users and the transaction volume, there has been a significant increase compared with last year. In the first half of the year, the transaction volume of the three main chains has more than doubled last year. The Dapp category is becoming more and more abundant. ETF is going to centralize finance (DeFi) The Dapp class has triggered a new industry hotspot. This report will present the status of Dapp's ecological development for the past six months from a more macro level of data and from different perspectives.

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