PlusToken has over 10 billion funds to track, and the first fund of the currency circle has affected 3 million people.

Recently, the Plustoken wallet fund disk event, which is known as the “first fund of the currency circle”, has attracted a lot of attention. What is the “fun” of Plus token? I think you have already learned a lot. Similar articles are also available online.

First of all, the author wants to say that there is a misunderstanding in it. In fact, Plustoken is not a wallet because its users' assets are not controlled by themselves, but are completely managed by the project side. Therefore, After the amount of funds reaches a certain level, the project is convenient to roll the money, which is not fundamentally different from the P2P fund. The only difference is that the medium is replaced by digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum instead of French currency.

In this incident, digital currency such as Bitcoin became the target of the fund project, and the victim lost the French currency.

The common concern of the victims and the currency industry is whether the project side’s funds are expected to be returned to the victims.

The more concern of the people in the currency industry is whether these funds will be brought to the market through exchanges and other channels.

As of now, there are rumors on the Internet that six people suspected of the founding team of Plus Token were arrested in Vanuatu, but they have not yet confirmed that these people are behind the scenes of Plus Token. If true, this may be the best result. How to deal with the follow-up, there are no two outcomes, (1) confiscated, (2) return to the victim.

Where did the victim’s super-billion assets go?

If these people are not the real leaders?

The first thing we should pay attention to right now is that the assets of PlusToken's nearly 3 million users whose value exceeds 10 billion yuan have gone.

Unlike centralized books such as bank accounts, blockchain books are generally open and transparent, and anyone can track the whereabouts of PlusToken's assets!

First of all, the current ETH wallet address of the Plustoken fund project party is: 0xf4a2eff88a408ff4c4550148151c33c93442619e (current available balance: 789,511.450537305448427794 Ether value is about $233.9 million)

According to research by PeckShield security personnel, a small amount of ETH funds currently being monitored at the ETH address was transferred to the ZB and Cashierst exchanges.


Plustoken funds project project's eos address: eospstotoken (current available balance: 26,299, 109.4707, valued at approximately $155 million)


Through the form of address recognizable by eos, we can clearly see that the victims are users from Asian platforms such as Firecoin, Gate, ok, Bithumb, and Coinbene. Obviously, these victims will basically not operate the real wallet. They should follow the instructions of the Plustoken project party to buy the relevant currency on the trading platform, and then withdraw it to their Plustoken "wallet address" (all the coins are flowing to the same An address. There is also the media pointing the finger at the fire coin. This black pot is really awkward.)

The distribution of BTC funds of the Plustoken fund project party is relatively complicated. According to the information promoted by PlusToken and the information transmitted online, the address of 1Dd5VTCkRtMG8bpuHZrjkLf1TeZ8cwZGDe is likely to belong to PlusToken.

Ps propaganda

Based on the above judgments, we then look at the browser and find that the total number of BTCs accepted by the address history is 74,481.18, the current balance is 0 BTC, and the closely related address 14BWH6GmVoL5nTwbVxQJKJDtzv4y5EbTVm, the total accepted amount of BTC is approximately: 95,228.48 BTC (current value is about $1 billion), this address can be considered as the total amount of coins that the Plustoken project party involved in the process of sorting the coins, and can also be understood as the total amount of BTCs that it has in total.

The funds at this address flow to:

1CzwjZbUjWFJRV1jH4k9xGRvKpetto8KEZ 16eR17ubpWLkMXVJazwiSeKZdQwKQNSYSC 1B67M6ABnwJ6nrbWx7RyAEqZiu8qwUZgeV 1C7Ar9WFrSuzSf4mDZL453PeJpTZmjxytz 1D1FBDPDymySAbLSVxCNZMY7k6G1p1CbSc 1CeaW7RwjgenBMX2LgToSBrXj5rH1RBoeh 1MFgcyJ7ZNSknbTBRaih6zWDE6V1A64tRY

3E7iZM6qUFugoYEzbJ6233mwMGGzerGwjn 3LnMRYgaq8HDsFJXvPmSNA8xTvsdYHkGqp 3PBN3MCpDcZKr7WdyY1ULq1NeGwLNjpkj7 31owhyALzzPEqUFwRbU5yQR4wNhYEjCiE5 35bCzX3RQEWdquqCPQkmdJdu2K4ut1roUZ 3HwY536CxznDxMjiRCFkpx5ykwJbJMZY4w 33LNws16Wfs12usWBNfa1MSX3YKY6Hdayf 3ESakThMrdVVrbhhcpf9spicyjCg1Uk8Jm 3HKs1g7u5a1uU4pC5HaNooYMbL1Lao4mv4 3EYsru4LUcN258sENYPu5Py3S5WnqxEcnE 3ETAVt2scYBFkBFksuNDk1i5tDLQ2c4zWR 3D9heyWDwj7tmpD2mt1uhcC7UBS4wvzwSD These addresses.

However, after a brief look at these addresses, we will find that the project side is trying to continually disrupt the funds to each address.

As of now, the address of the larger BTC balance that the project party has not moved is as follows:

  1. 1MFgcyJ7ZNSknbTBRaih6zWDE6V1A64tRY (1,865 BTC)
  2. 3ETAVt2scYBFkBFksuNDk1i5tDLQ2c4zWR (4,922.66 BTC)
  3. 3EYsru4LUcN258sENYPu5Py3S5WnqxEcnE (3,657.89 BTC)
  4. 3HKs1g7u5a1uU4pC5HaNooYMbL1Lao4mv4 (3,928.77 BTC)
  5. 3ESakThMrdVVrbhhcpf9spicyjCg1Uk8Jm (3,289 BTC)
  6. 33LNws16Wfs12usWBNfa1MSX3YKY6Hdayf (3,270 BTC)
  7. 3HwY536CxznDxMjiRCFkpx5ykwJbJMZY4w (1,725 ​​BTC)
  8. 35bCzX3RQEWdquqCPQkmdJdu2K4ut1roUZ (3,676.86 BTC)
  9. 31owhyALzzPEqUFwRbU5yQR4wNhYEjCiE5 (749.66 BTC)
  10. 3PBN3MCpDcZKr7WdyY1ULq1NeGwLNjpkj7 (12,000 BTC)

A total of 39084.84 BTC ( obviously, most of the addresses are P2SH addresses starting with 3 )

The 39,814.27 BTC of 3LnMRYgaq8HDsFJXvPmSNA8xTvsdYHkGqp has been taken by the project party to "wash coins".

The remaining 16329.37 BTCs are spread across discrete BTC addresses.

( Note: All of the above are based on the promotional image of PlusToken. It may also be that the PlusToken project party gives the address of an exchange to mislead us. If these addresses belong to an exchange, please also contact. I will delete it )

The rest of the Litecoin, Ripple and other currencies are not analyzed here.

Conclusion and reflection

So, assuming the above speculation is correct, we may face a very difficult fact, that is, the PlusToken project party may not choose to directly transfer the currency to the exchange and then sell it out, but choose to keep part, another part Then take the money and then make a follow-up plan. This requires a professional blockchain tracking team to track.

The PlusTC project selected by the Plustoken project party selects the P2SH address starting with 3, which is likely to belong to the multi-signature type address. This requires at least 2 private key signatures to unlock these funds, that is, That is to say, we can only expect law enforcement officers to control two or more leaders before they can access these funds, which makes it more difficult to recover funds, and from the creation time of 1Dd5VTCkRtMG8bpuHZrjkLf1TeZ8cwZGDe (2015) ), there are industry veterans in the project team to advise them.

What can be achieved now is to determine the receipt address of the PlusToken project party as soon as possible, so that the relevant exchanges black out these addresses (must be confirmed first, such as eos and Ethereum addresses are confirmed) to prevent the victim from continuing The currency is given to the project side. Of course, this is still just a wishful thinking.

As industry personnel and related departments, we should also more knowledge of the common public science bitcoin and blockchain to avoid similar tragedies, because I understand that similar scams still have many in the market. .