Survey: US social media users will use and purchase Libra with a small probability

According to a survey of 600 US social media users by financial services company Jefferies, four-fifths of respondents said they were "unlikely" or "completely impossible" to buy Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra. Although Facebook is unable to obtain consumer transaction data, the biggest challenge for respondents to Facebook is their lack of trust (45%). Nearly 40% of respondents said they already have a mobile payment wallet and there is no reason to use a Libra wallet. Those who are interested in using Libra say they will use it for goods or services (12%) as a way to send money to friends or family (14%) or both (15%). However, the study pointed out that changing consumer buying behavior cannot be achieved immediately. The data shows that only a small percentage of US iPhone and Android users have tried Apple Pay and Android Pay, with a ratio of 12.5% ​​and 6% respectively. Jefferies suggests that incentives are needed to promote adoption.