Ripple CTO: Ripple plans to launch "countercurrent" service to boost XRP transaction volume

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Ripple CTO David Schwartz talked about the main goals of xRapid and the company's current challenges in increasing adoption in the XRP market. Schwartz said banks often do not want to hold XRP in their systems due to regulatory restrictions. To solve this problem, Ripple intends to create an xRapid entity that allows payment companies or customers to purchase legal tender using digital assets, and vice versa. Schwartz called this solution a circumvention of the restrictions imposed on digital asset companies. Schwartz further explained that the system will be completely open, which will be an important factor in distinguishing Ripple from its competitors. Since XRP can be held by anyone, any customer or entity can create a "counter-flow" system that acts as an intermediary between the bank and the customer who has the ability to settle cross-border payments. Schwartz added that Ripple plans to launch this "countercurrent" service, but he also said the service is already in the open market.