IBM applies for a new blockchain patent to manage autonomous vehicle data and human-car interaction

According to Cointelegraph's April 8 report, multinational computer giant IBM is adding new implementations to its blockchain patent library to manage data and human-car interactions in autonomous vehicles (SDVs). The patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on April 2.


Image source: visualhunt

Based on these documentation, IBM has previously filed numerous patents for various inventions related to autonomous vehicles. According to IBM, the blockchain system can effectively enhance SDV configuration by providing strong privacy and information verification.

The environment in which future blockchains are implemented will be a system in which SDVs interact and predict the behavior of nearby non-automatic vehicle drivers.

The patent first describes how to use a wide range of sensor technologies to obtain various parameters that can be used to assess nearby driver behavior, and how to optimize risk assessment based on nearby vehicle/driver forecasts and actual operations. The patent writes:

“By observation, detection and perception, the driver's behavior data can be collected in real time by the vehicle's on-board sensor and uploaded to the cloud data center. The data center is designed as a mobile information center (MIH), which can be obtained by SDV. data."

IBM proposes that blockchain can improve the complex construction and real-time use of environmental analysis and predictive models while enabling the privacy of others by enabling full data functionality.

According to IBM's patent description, sensor data can be logged into the blockchain system, which uses the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to generate "the correct public-private pairs associated with each SDV/driver, each of which Data upload or access transactions use a private key to encrypt the signature." The patent states that the system only allows authorized entities to access data.

The patent outlines how SDV can access nearby drivers' predictive behavior in real time through blockchain client applications (such as scanning nearby license plate numbers).

General Motors, the US automaker, has also applied for its own blockchain patent to manage data on self-driving cars.

An analysis of blockchain-related patents filed in August 2018 shows that IBM is almost on par with China's Alibaba in terms of the number of such patents filed by global entities. The technology giant continued to apply for multiple new blockchain patents in 2019.