Market analysis: risk aversion cools, safe-haven asset prices fall

Today, there are a few more important news to talk to you. The first one should know that Plustoken is running. This thing is actually awkward. Just caught the road and was caught? I am afraid that it will take a long time from filing to investigation and collecting evidence. It is very likely that the trader will be unable to operate after being arrested. This is actually a good thing for the market. It is very difficult to fish in the market. It is only honest. Do things to catch the dividends of this wave of blockchain, speculation will die. The other is the USDT issuance. We saw that at 1 o'clock in the morning, Tether added 100 million USDTs to the Ethereum network. Although it looks quite a lot, it is for the increasingly large cryptocurrency market. The role of the additional 100 million USDT is getting smaller and smaller. We have seen that the BTC has shown signs of stopping the decline after seeing the additional issuance, but it has only stopped falling. It has not launched a counterattack on this, indicating that the bullish confidence is still insufficient. The market still needs to be shaken and digested.

There is also a message about "The wave field super community app is closed, and it is suspected that it has already run. Sun Boss immediately expressed his relationship with Weibo. Sun Bo and Buffett have been so busy with lunch, and a large number of new dishes that don’t know the truth are directed at Buffett. The name of the rushed in, but the result was robbed by the capital of the wave field community. What is this human suffering?


Since the market has made BTC a safe-haven category of gold, it naturally needs to bear the decline caused by the rise in risk appetite. At present, the trend of gold is also in the callback, and the signal has not yet stabilized. It is expected that BTC will continue to adjust. In the early morning of this morning, BTC took a big step back, and the lowest step back to the integer mark near 10,000 US dollars. Now it has fallen below the lowest point of $10,500. Now it is doing shock consolidation near $10,500. From the daily level, the target The 5 antenna and the 10 antenna dead fork, and the 5 antennas are fast down, accompanied by the dead fork of the macd indicator. The long cross of the long leg here is likely to be a falling relay form, pay attention to the future. If the target moves in a few hours, if it continues to fall below the threshold of 10,000 US dollars, it will definitely go back to test the support of 9,000 US dollars. If it can stabilize and stop at the place of 10,500 US dollars, there will be a break in the 5 antennas. At the bottom of the trend, there is no obvious stop sign for gold, so I personally prefer to continue to test the support of $ 9,000.


We have seen that the decline of ETH this round has not hit a new low. It has to do a double bottom. It is currently oscillating at the integer mark near $300 to see if the point can be successfully broken. If it can stand back to that point. The possibility of forming a double bottom is relatively large, but we are more inclined to the trend of ABC's downswing, and will further explore the support. Since the C wave of BTC is based on the support of 1:1 equal to the calculation of A wave, then The trend of ETH is obviously weaker than BTC. If we calculate it according to 1.318 times, it is just around 225 US dollars, and it can form a certain support near this point.


EOS has taken a standard ABC three-wave structure, and is currently taking c waves. The measurement of c waves should be greater than the A wave. That is to say, if the measurement is equal in length, the target should be at least $5. Will stop falling and stabilize, wait until around 5 US dollars to observe whether the point can stop falling and stabilize.


BNB re-established the channel line yesterday. In theory, it will continue to operate in the channel line. However, we see that the volume of this K-line is relatively small. Today, we should make up the increase. Now the 5 antennas continue to go down. Forming a certain pressure on the price of the currency, still does not rule out the risk of breaking the position, or think that it may go down to the integer mark of 30 dollars, drop below 30 dollars to leave the market, and stand up to 35.5 US dollars is not effective, may be Create a new high again.

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