Report: ETF's chain transaction amount decreased by 40% within one year

According to Coin Metrics, the average daily trading volume of ETH for 30 days decreased from $1.24 billion on June 21, 2018 to $743 million on June 21, 2019, a drop of about 40%. The daily transfer amount of ETH is also about the same as the previous year, about 420,000. In addition, ETH's BTC price has fallen 60% in the past year. It is also worth noting that, considering that DAI is mortgaged through ETH, its adjusted daily trading volume on the chain is approximately $30 million. However, the increase in DAI trading volume does not compensate for the decline in trading volume in the ETH chain in the past year. Although ETH has fallen against BTC this year, the Bletchley Ethereum Token Index (BETI) outperformed Bitcoin at the end of May. Having said that, it is important to remember that ETH needs to be seen as a secure value reserve for the Ethereum blockchain. If ETH is not considered a currency, then the power to dig ETH (or future mortgage ETH) will be reduced and system security will be reduced. Use cases such as DAI built around distributed finance (DeFi) can also help. However, if ETH itself is not used as a currency, it is unclear how these applications that provide programmable value will function properly. In the next few years, investors should track the value of entering the Ethereum ecosystem and ensure that there is a significant amount of money available to protect the underlying network.