HyperPay announces campaign over the original chain Bystack node

Recently, HyperPay announced that it is participating in the consensus node campaign of the original chain Bystack, which will help the Bystack commercial blockchain application. HyperPay Wallet currently supports 34 public chains and more than 140 mainstream virtual assets to meet the needs of the vast majority of users. At the same time, HyperPay is one of the earliest wallets in China to deploy PoS ecology. It supports PoS mining in eight currencies, and its support types and yields are among the highest in the industry. Bystack is based on the blockchain BaaS platform than the original chain, which helps users quickly create, manage and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. BTM holders can vote for the HyperPay node to participate in the Bystack Ecology, and HyperPay will give 70% of the node's revenue back to the voter.