IRIS Hub launches the first chain management proposal, and will vote to modify the verifier's offline behavior parameters tomorrow.

On July 2, 2019, IRISnet's main network verification node Everest mortgaged 600 IRIS to initiate the first chain parameter modification proposal on IRIS Hub. If the 2000 IRIS mortgage condition is met within 1 day, it will enter the voting stage. This proposal modifies the three parameters related to the certifier's Downtime behavior. Appropriately increase the difficulty of the verifier's operational nodes, raise the threshold for better certifiers to get rewards, familiarize the certifier community and participate in the chain governance process, and make IRIS Hub more secure and credible. This proposal to modify the parameters of the main network is an important milestone in the opening of IRISnet decentralized governance, and is also preparing for the next exciting and more critical software upgrade management. More voting governance processes and other governance parameters can be found through the browser: