Bitcoin security expert Andreas: cryptocurrency can fill the legal currency gap and is an opportunity to eliminate intermediaries

On July 2nd, bitcoin security expert Andreas Antonopoulos recently introduced to the public the role of cryptocurrency in filling the legal currency gap. The dialogue revolves around existing restrictions imposed by governments and financial institutions, Antonopoulos said, and these restrictions will lead to cross-border payment-related complexity and link this idea to the economic dilemmas facing Argentina, Russia and Venezuela due to “non-performing loans”. stand up. Antonopoulos added: "They (government officials) leave this burden to the next generation… The best way to 'rob" a bank is to hold a bank license. Once you have the license, you can 'rob" the entire bank or country without Punished. This places intermediaries (banks) in a position where they can commit major crimes affecting millions of people.” Antonopoulos sees the development of encryption technology as an opportunity to eliminate intermediaries and warns viewers that If the government agency deems it necessary, it may prohibit users from using cryptocurrency.