Interpretation of the currency in the middle of the sign: the latest winning rate shows that the positions are gradually dispersed, institutional investors may have some withdrawal

According to TokenGazer's latest BNB information, TokenGazer speculated that institutional investors may have evacuated to some extent. The erond winning rate is only 11.07%, which is significantly lower than 30% of one and 58% of matic; the total number of contracts is 10,833, which totals 97.85 million BNB, accounting for about 10% of the total supply of BNB, far higher than the previous lock. The amount of about 2% indicates that the position of BNB has been dispersed to a certain extent. Since the middle of June, the currency announced that it had a large decline after segregating US users in September. The time point coincides with the time of this Launchpad lottery, which may indicate that institutional investors have had some degree of withdrawal from the supervision.