Chief Economist of Foca Think Tank: There is no absolute, ultimate decentralization, centralization and decentralization will be intertwined

Wang Depei, vice president of the China Economic System Reform Research Association and chief economist of Foca think tank, published an article in the first financial journal today. "Is Libra coin a wolf in sheep's clothing?" Is decentralization true or false? 》. The article believes that Facebook's stable currency, Libra, has come out of the world. In various discussions, the topic of decentralization is also a focus. The process of centralization and decentralization "struggle" has three characteristics: First, the so-called "struggle" is essentially a continuous game between the traditional center and the emerging center. Second, the new and old centers are mutually dismembered in the struggle. Third, the core of decentralization is the new mode of production and lifestyle. The world is becoming more and more complex, the center tends to be multi-dimensional, and the center of a single omnipotence no longer exists. The efficiency and energy levels of each center are declining, and the center and the center tend to be different. The center itself is tending to be meshed. Therefore, there is no absolute, ultimate decentralization, and centralization and decentralization will be intertwined. "You have me, I have you."