Getting started with blockchain | What is DApp? Platform without platform

The current rough definition of DApp on the market is based on the blockchain and smart contract app, but here I will give my own precise definition of DApp, then discuss why DApp is the inevitable social development, and why the real DApp It will take time to land.

What is a DApp?

Peter defines DApp as: DApp is a platform without a platform.

All areas of the future will form a large platform for globalization. I walked on the street of Qinhuangdao that day and saw that there were ramen noodles and seafood. But why do tourists still have to go to KFC to eat? Because the current lack of uniform standards in various industries, it is really difficult to have a basic expectation of service quality. A centralized platform, such as the KFC headquarters in the United States, may also be evil, but its role is indispensable, that is, unified standards, or from a technical point of view, is to implement protocal. The greatest significance of the unity of protocal is not the brand advantage and the scale benefit, but the rapid spread of existing experience. Think about how much experience you can inherit if you are a catering recruit directly joining KFC! Therefore, the platform will definitely be popular. This is a simple future judgment that many people will not oppose.

But the question is, why do practitioners in various industries currently have no real enthusiasm for promoting the platform? The answer is that everyone knows, and the platform side is likely to do evil. Google’s slogan is “Do not be evil”. What we need in the future is actually the platform that can't be evil. Some people have rivers and lakes, and the platform that can't be evil must be completely controlled by code. Having said that, we think of smart contracts and think of the concepts of DAO. However, the real implementation of the current Taobao company's full-automatic code execution is not only a blockchain that cannot be tampered with. The digital level of the whole society is probably more than one step, through the Internet of Things and many parties. Cross-validation to gain the physical world, through artificial intelligence and robots to gain flexibility close to human employees. By the time when Sun Zheng said that my shoes are smarter than me, DApp can land on a large scale.

Through the above description, Peter has the conclusion that once born, DApp will naturally become a global platform, even in the now inconspicuous areas, such as friends who go to the neighborhood to play table tennis, It is possible to use one or several global platforms. Therefore, the future of the platform is inevitable, and there is no platform for the platform, that is, the DApp will also be prosperous, because it is necessary to ensure that the platform does not do evil.

DApp development path

The development path of DApp I think there are two more reliable ones. The first is decentralized Internet, and the second is Defi, which is decentralized finance.

Let's talk about centralizing the Internet first. The blockchain must first become the root of trust in the Internet and decentralize the next generation Internet. If you think of the Internet as an App, then this app is not really a DApp. Because of the centralized bottleneck of DNS, the Internet is easily controlled by a strong organization. The reason for the centralization bottleneck is that the Internet itself cannot save data that cannot be tampered with. When I first defined the DApp, I basically couldn't see the shadow of the blockchain. But the Internet itself has to become a big DApp, or it needs a blockchain to save data that cannot be tampered with.

Talk about Defi again. At present, I can see the DApp that can really land in the short term, all of which deal directly with money. Bitcoin is a typical one, but other directions are also promising, because it is easier to implement without the cooperation of IoT and artificial intelligence.

Therefore, I think the development of DApp is to be gradual.

specific project

The above content can be said to be my world view of DApp. Let's talk about which projects are more in line with my world view and which ones I don't understand.

Decentralized Internet is the shared vision of many blockchain startups. One representative is the Blockstack project at Princeton University. I like this project very much.

It doesn't make sense to not completely decentralize the DApp. For example, I am a centralized game platform, but I will store the player's points on a non-tamperable blockchain, so that the blockchain can be used as a depository medium, or can be said to be a court, to a certain extent. The evil of the platform.

Let me talk about projects that I don’t quite understand for the time being. I don't understand anything about POS as a security hypothesis. Because in my case, POS is a voting mechanism, not a security mechanism. The biggest meaning of the blockchain is to provide security that is not controlled by a single party. In addition, these projects also have their own groundbreaking vision, rather than the progressive thinking of my next generation Internet or incomplete decentralized DApp. I think the groundbreaking things are not easy to land first. Second, the cost of understanding is also high, it is difficult to form a consensus, and it is difficult to promote the blockchain project that can not unite everyone. I won't name it here, and the industry insiders will know that I am talking about several projects.

In short, the entire industry is still exploring, but there seems to be a clear path.

to sum up

Finally, summarize a few words. Personally, the strict definition of DApp has no specific relationship with the blockchain, and the platform for dehumanization and de-corruption is a DApp. But in concrete terms, relying on the blockchain's non-tamperable data that is not controlled by a single party to construct a decentralized Internet, and gradually decentralizing the current App or platform is a viable development path that I understand. The large-scale DApp landing will depend on the significant increase in the digital level of the entire society.

Original title: "Inevitable and distant DApp"