TS Run Road Funds Defence Action: Graphic Tracking Asset Transfer Money Laundering (2)

From June 10th, the wealth management wallet TokenStore was suspected of running, and within the scope of statistics, at least thousands of users involved in hundreds of millions of assets were taken away. PeckShield has initially tracked the flow of some assets such as EOS, ETH, ETC, and USDT in the previous article "Text Tracking TokenStore "Running Road Assets Money Laundering (1)" .

Every step of the road assets affects the hearts of investors. PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow (AML) has been continuously tracking addresses on critical chains that involve “running”. Recently, PeckShield security personnel further analyzed that the ETH part of these digital assets has undergone a lot of money laundering operations, of which 10,756 ETHs have flowed into the exchange, and the EOS, USDT and other currencies have not yet had abnormal movements.

The following is a further analysis of the flow of ETH assets:

As follows, as of June 15th, the main address on the TokenStore ETH asset chain:

From June 19th, PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow System (AML) monitors the frequent transfer of assets at the beginning of 0x5d9f and 0x8a7d. Asset transfer has the following characteristics:

1) The large assets are divided several times until the number of ETHs on the new address is between 300 and 600.

2) The ETH on the new address is divided into multiples, each dozens, hundreds of ETHs, and transferred to the exchange.

PeckShield security personnel followed up and found that transactions with 66, 68 ETHs were transferred to the currency and Bit-Z exchanges, and those with more than 100 ETH were transferred to unknown exchanges beginning with ZB and 0x080bb. PeckShield analysis This is due to the exchange's risk control mechanism, some exchange users have a limit on the amount of money transferred, combined with the ETH market price at the time of the transaction, 67 ETH is about 20,000 US dollars.

In addition to the TokenStore ETH funds being transferred to the unknown exchanges beginning with the currency, Bit-Z, ZB and 0x080bb, PeckShield also found that a small portion of the ETH was converted to TUSD via the Tokenlon Decentralized Exchange of imToken. In short, in order to money laundering TokenStore running molecules are also deliberate.

In order to provide victims with a more intuitive understanding of TokenStore ETH running money flow, PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow System (AML) produced the following asset transfer path map:

As of 2019-06-28, 38,283 ETH has 10,756 flows to the exchange, and the remaining 27,527 ETH is temporarily stored in 27 addresses.

As follows, TokenStore ETH flows to the exchange's address information:

Source: PeckShield