B.CEO trading platform destroys 365 million platform coins CEOT according to plan, and calculates more than 450 million yuan at current price

According to official sources, the B.CEO trading platform today destroyed 365 million platform coins CEOT, which is more than 450 million yuan at current prices. According to the planning and deployment of 100 times platform currency in the early stage of the platform, the total amount of remaining platform coins is 15 million, and the market circulation is 10 million. 3 million CEOT employees have locked the warehouse for two years, and 2 million CEOTs have been used for the distribution of candy in the market. The platform is planned to continue to be repurchased and destroyed. Platform currency destruction hash value: x2580484577b00fd022cef346a8db81901a6d742693db6130242a8e6ab75aee3a B.CEO trading platform is committed to providing users with convenient, efficient, professional, safe and stable trading environment. The platform adopts the primary node POS equity dividend distribution mechanism to provide free project channels and free blockchain technical support and high-quality community resource import services for high-quality project parties.