Read the blockchain in a single article, letting you meet the future trend

Read the blockchain in a single article, letting you meet the future trend

What is a blockchain? In many people's minds, blockchain is bitcoin. To explain briefly, Bitcoin is a virtual encrypted digital currency in the form of P2P. Bitcoin is transmitted through peer-to-peer, which means it is a decentralized payment system.

In the process of bitcoin formation, the block is a storage unit that records the exchange information of all the block nodes in a certain period of time. The links are realized by random hashing between the blocks. As the information exchange expands, one block and one block are successively connected, and the result is called a blockchain.

So it is not difficult to conclude that blockchain technology is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is the most successful application of blockchain. Fundamentally speaking, blockchain is a data storage technology, but this technology is very different from the previous storage mode.

In addition to Bitcoin, there are various digital currencies in the world. These digital currencies have also caused global wealth to rise. Recently, a young and ambitious young man in the country made a fortune through the currency circle, and the price of the sky has won the opportunity to share with Buffett.

“Dollars a day, one year in the world”, this is also a summary of this investment variety by friends who play digital currency. Compared with stocks and futures, digital currency has greater uncontrollability.

One: Why was the blockchain born?

Read the blockchain in a single article, letting you meet the future trend

With the advancement of technology, the payment transactions of ordinary people are more and more convenient. Such as the spread of Alipay and WeChat payment, let our consumption means become more civilian. In the past, we often queued for payment at the bank, and now it can be done by mobile banking or other third-party payment.

Whether it's WeChat payment, Alipay or banking, this model is based on a trust in authoritative endorsements. We pay through WeChat, in fact, there is no direct transaction between consumers and merchants. WeChat, Alipay or bank, it is these authoritative endorsements that open up the trust of both parties and allow our transactions to flow.

But is this kind of transaction really foolproof? The trust of consumers and merchants is given to authoritative third parties, but third parties do not bear the risk of trading. In the event of a problem with this authoritative third party, will the entire system collapse?

Therefore, through Alipay, WeChat, and even the bank, it is not eternal security. Some experts pointed out that even if we believe in this third-party intermediary, it is based on its own information center. If there is a loophole in the information center or a hacker attack, or if there is an uncontrollable natural disaster, then the trust mechanism of the entire transaction will be subject to a major crisis.

The essence of this kind of crisis is the problem brought about by centralized storage. Is there a way to solve this problem? Can you use a decentralized system to complete trading actions?

The meaning of “decentralization” is that the original authority no longer has any meaning, which can also eliminate the threat brought by the centralized framework. It is undeniable that the authoritative centralized social operation has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, but this new decentralized model has indeed provided us with a new way of thinking.

This mode is blockchain technology!

Two: the application of blockchain

Read the blockchain in a single article, letting you meet the future trend

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, people's ability to accept emerging technologies is growing stronger. The blockchain technology was born in Bitcoin, but the blockchain is not only for Bitcoin, it has a broader application scope and prospects.

The stereotype of "blockchain = cryptocurrency" will slowly disappear in the future. Blockchain technology is even hailed as the core technology of the fourth scientific and technological revolution, and countries around the world are investing in countless manpower and material resources.

Where will the future blockchain technology be applied? What is the trend of the future blockchain? A few years ago, according to the commission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Electronics Research Institute, together with Ant Golden, Micro-Bank, Ping An Technology, Wanxiang Holdings and other Internet coffee companies, completed the "White Paper on China's Blockchain Technology and Application Development".

The white paper states that blockchain technology will be used primarily in six areas: supply chain management, financial services, smart manufacturing, public services, educational employment, and cultural entertainment.

Xiao Bian has more than ten years of experience in the financial field, often encountering business owners with a silver ticket to discount, in order to solve the problem of liquidity turnover. But unfortunately, there are several problems with counterfeiting every year.

I believe that through the continuous application and update of blockchain technology, the future bank notes and settlement will realize the real-time clearing of cryptocurrency peer-to-peer, and all kinds of banking services will be more secure and transparent in real time!

At present, there are more or less problems in the fields of supply chain management, public services, entertainment, etc. The application of blockchain will effectively penetrate into various fields and demonstrate its value. Last year, McKinsey official website information, the World Economic Forum boldly predicted that 10 years later, the world's 10% of GDP will be stored in the blockchain.

Three: the meaning of the blockchain

Read the blockchain in a single article, letting you meet the future trend

In the history of mankind, every industrial revolution will completely change our lives. In essence, the industrial revolution is also an improvement of human ability to transform nature.

From the first industrial revolution through the steam engine to the second revolution, the popularity of electricity has made our world richer and brighter. The information revolution of the third industry is based on the extensive application of the previous two revolutions!

With the development of the three revolutions, humanity will usher in the fourth industrial revolution. And who can seize this opportunity, who will be expected to open a new era. The fourth industrial revolution, we also call it Industry 4.0.

The concept of Industry 4.0 first appeared in Germany and was officially launched at the Hannover Messe in 2013. Its core purpose is to improve the competitiveness of German industry and take the lead in the new round of industrial revolution. Subsequently, the German government listed one of the ten future projects proposed in the German 2020 High Technology Strategy.

In May 2015, China also officially issued "Made in China 2025", deploying a comprehensive strategy to promote the implementation of manufacturing power. In the "Sino-German Cooperation Action Program" signed by China and Germany, there are four contents related to Industry 4.0 cooperation, and the first one clearly states the digital development of industrial production!

The development of digital is undoubtedly inseparable from the technology of blockchain. What is true industry 4.0? It is difficult for us to define clearly! However, as countries around the world continue to explore Industry 4.0, the focus of future development will become clearer. The development of key technologies such as blockchain, big data, and cloud data will be of great strategic importance.

In the past, industry was using scale to achieve rapid production and rapid production capacity. Nowadays, people need a rich and colorful life. With the advancement of Industry 4.0, we find that the centralized design and production in the past can no longer meet the demand. In this case, we need a new model.

To meet the lifestyle of consumers, we must rely on new and innovative models. This model can inspire the innovation enthusiasm of the whole society, so that designers, consumers and others can have the freedom of design. In the future, such a dream can be realized by blockchain technology.

Four: Summary

Read the blockchain in a single article, letting you meet the future trend

There has been a popular view that human beings have only done one thing in the development and changes of the past few thousand years, that is, to put power into cages. It can be said that the core of the development of human society is the change of social operating mechanism and organizational form.

The blockchain is characterized by anonymity, independence, openness, security, and decentralization. With the help of blockchain technology, our real society will surely be further developed.

Of course, there are also negative voices in the blockchain! It is also a good thing to have different opinions, but existence is reasonable. The megatrends of the future are already very obvious. We are better off learning than using them. (The internet)