"It" allowed Bitcoin to evaporate $4,000 in 5 days.

"It" allowed Bitcoin to evaporate $4,000 in 5 days.

After Bitcoin rose from June 26 to $14,000, it kept falling, 13,000, 12000, 11000, 10500… It was immediately 10,000, and what made Bitcoin evaporate in just one week.

The answer is regulation.

Formally because of the uncertainty before the regulation, the bitcoin safe-haven property is unfolding. The digital currency is mad with the rise of bitcoin, but it is often an abyss after being crazy.

"It" allowed Bitcoin to evaporate $4,000 in 5 days.

This shows that the promotion of news is often empty. A little bit of blow will fall to the cliff.

The madness of digital currency has also brought about a global attitude towards digital currency – strict supervision, with a global blockade system as countries around the world crack down on anti-money laundering and prevent some money from being washed out through digital currency. For example, Russia “forever” prohibits digital currency transactions. These messages or operations have a fatal impact on digital currencies.

With the arrival of some news and policies, some people have already arbitrage at the top of the mountain, putting profits into their pockets, and others are selling their digital currency because of the news. It is particularly serious to sell these two countries, one is India and the other is Russia, because the two countries are negotiating the digital currency. Therefore, the digital currency owned by the nationals of the country will be sold under certain circumstances.

"It" allowed Bitcoin to evaporate $4,000 in 5 days.

With the news and selling, the digital currency market, there is not so much money to absorb the pressure of these selling, so the digital currency will be further pressured down, due to the inertia of the decline, the digital currency market has not stopped when it fell. Steps, but further callbacks.

Although the digital currency will fall in a short period of time, at the time, the digital currency will still rise in the long run. As for the extent of the increase, it will look at the application of the future digital currency.

The leading bitcoin of digital currency will certainly not be lower than the current price in the future, because the scarcity of bitcoin will cause the price of bitcoin to remain high. Therefore, it is now possible to learn from the whales, and when the funds are allowed, they can be absorbed into the cold wallet at a low price. If you do this, you will let it go, forget it, maybe after a year or two, the price of Bitcoin will surprise you.

Digital currency is now compared to the future. It’s not a big deal now, the future is big. (The internet)