Top No. Funds Plustoken Dreams Apocalypse

One day before Plustoken confirmed the crash, when the Shenzhen Public Security official account posted the relevant content, it received a sniper from the “investor”:

"We all use it as a balance, and we will arrive on time every day. I don't know how suddenly I can't do it?" He Xiaoli didn't know what to do. She still dared not tell her husband and mother about this news because there are several 100,000 is the old-age pension for the elderly.

Under the collapse of Plustoken, it was the evaporation of 30 million users of 3 million users .

No one knows how much money is old-age pension money, how much money is the child's education reserve fund, how much money is the savings of office workers for many years, and even how many are through loan sharks, small loans or even online loans. The money coming.

Not only do they have to face investment losses, but they also have to face loans that may not even pay for interest, and they are trapped in terrible black holes in loans and cannot be reborn.

People who participate in these dishes, to be honest, they are not stupid or stupid, instead they are smart.

They are just greedy. Speaking of the Plustoken with the name of the "first fund of the currency circle", what kind of game is it? In fact, I did not participate in it, but I also learned about it. After all, the routines are similar.

This is a coin fund project that was born in April 2018 ( Crowdfunding started in February). Plustoken is called Plustoken Digital Currency arbitrage and quantitative trading wallet . Its declared business model is to move bricks on different exchanges. arbitrage.

In short, users buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream currencies on the exchange, transfer them to Plustoken, and get the corresponding proportion of dividends – Plustoken.

How to receive dividends?

As with the previous paragraph, "Like the balance treasure", you only need to put the coins in your wallet and receive dividends every day. The monthly yield is 10%, and the annualized rate of return exceeds 100%. Their argument is that there is a professional team to do "free risk arbitrage behavior" such as moving bricks, arbitrage and quantification, so it is safe to make a profit, we do not have to worry.

If you feel that the benefits are already high, then you still underestimate the power of the circle. While continuing to receive revenue, Plustoken also rose, and it is said that the highest time has risen hundreds of times.

The huge gain naturally makes a lot of people have a huge desire. If you have so many benefits, what should you do? You can invite people to come in. The rules are roughly like this:

"Push 1 person to get the 1st floor: 100% of the benefits of smart dog moving bricks

Directly push 10 people to get 10 layers: take 10% of the benefits of 2-10 layer smart dog moving bricks

The big request is 10 layers of smart dog value of 200,000 US dollars: take the stack of unlimited generations of bricks to earn 5%

The big coffee requirement is to push 3 big households directly: take the superimposed infinite generation to move bricks and gain 10%

The big gods demanded to push 3 big coffees directly: take the superimposed infinite generation to move bricks and gain 15%"

Simply put, the more people bring in, the higher the gains you can get . In a way that allows people to accept the "financial way" and enough invitations to pay dividends, coupled with the continuous sinking into third- and fourth-tier cities and even towns and villages, the Plustoken plate can be maintained continuously; More and more people, especially those who have already made money, have generated great trust in this model, and they have repeatedly re-invested and continue to blow up the bubble.

But there is no plate that produces any real value support, and it will be a Ponzi scheme that will crash in the morning and evening .

In fact, in addition to Plustoken, there is also a scam that is also very well-known and specializes in small places to start .

The process of the fun step is probably like this: At the beginning, a group of funds was collected through real-name certification for the operation of its own team. After that, through the so-called walking to make money , to attract a group of people who are not sensible to participate, if these people do not charge, at most they are doing free labor, if you buy money for candy and reels, it is amaranth. Then there is the familiar path, making a plate that is easy to make money, attracting a large number of MLM heads and various "civil investment companies" (that is, working in various office buildings, WeChat avatars, dog-like, friends circle are The so-called "investment" of various wealth stories and chicken soup.

It’s always the same routine, not the same name .

Including the previous hot model currency, resonance and other gameplay, in fact, are similar. There is also a model in the currency circle is also hot, that is, "cloud mining", "cloud computing power" and other famous scams. Of course, there are some more formal ones here, but many of them have no mines and mining machines at all, which is a complete fund-playing game.

Everyone must be vigilant.

The reason that these events have caused us to care recently is that we have found that the common concepts of “digital currency”, “blockchain” and “quantitative trading” are used in these scams . And every time they crash, the title on the news is always related to "virtual currency". Many people who don't know will think that virtual currency is a scam.

In fact, many people have always thought so, I heard that you will even advise you to be careful when playing this.

Such scams are increasingly explaining two things: First, the concept of blockchain is becoming popular; second, digital currency is indeed a particularly good tool for property transfer.

Needless to say, the blockchain concept is just a recent hot concept . The concepts used by the MLM gangs are not too few. The health products scams derived from the earliest Amway (recommended people buy you dividends), the subsequent equity investment scams, and later P2P and other Internet finances are all Like the routines, they can even have a project out of nothing to meet the national strategy. For example, before the development of the western region, a project to enter the west was made. Later, the policy of “One Belt and One Road” came out and made a project of the Belt and Road.

The name is always changing, and the constant is always an unreasonable high-yield and full-filled speech .

The logic is like this :

Commit to you a high-yield, of course you do not believe, through a variety of high-end projects and cloud technology, and even a variety of brainwashing to let you accept the concept that "this benefit is not unreasonable", when you believe (In fact, most of the time it is to make money and force yourself to believe), after spontaneously chasing higher profits to pyramids to their friends.

The second point is that everyone knows that digital currency is inherently suitable for doing bad things because of its anonymous nature . At the earliest, 3M used Bitcoin to play pyramid schemes around the world. Many people saw that Bitcoin was too suitable for doing this. The payment information was opaque, could not be frozen by the bank, and was easy to carry (running).

These two points are why many of the MLM funds we have seen recently like to use digital currency and blockchain to defraud.

In fact, to be honest, most people should be well aware that such benefits are completely impossible. The market is free, and there are very high returns that will naturally flood in more capital, and finally adjust the income to normal levels . But many people still choose to believe, and the investment exceeds their investment ability. Why? I want to be greedy.

The victim is very poor and hopes that no one will be the next victim.

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