Korea Science and Technology Information and Communication Department will conduct a feasibility study on its $498 million blockchain project in the first half of this year.

According to industry insiders, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology (MSIT) will conduct a preliminary feasibility study on its $498 million (570 billion won) blockchain project sometime in the first half of this year. The month was temporarily put on hold. Although there is news that MSIT will conduct another preliminary feasibility study in May, the actual timetable may be slightly later than in May. According to the preliminary feasibility study report of the MSIT blockchain project by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Assessment and Planning (KISTEP), the project scored “unsatisfactory” in terms of scientific and technical validity, political validity and economic validity. The industry believes that MSIT's project explanation in the first preliminary feasibility study lacks information on economic feasibility: not only does it not commercialize DApp, but also does not include e-sports, and blockchain applications can help achieve these areas. Revitalization.