Shenzhen Supply Chain Finance Association was established, which will use financial chain technology such as blockchain to finance supply chain financing.

According to Xinhua News, on July 3, the Shenzhen Supply Chain Finance Association, which was led by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision, was unveiled. The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Supply Chain Finance Association said that the association will make full use of financial technology means to innovate supply chain financial financing methods, effectively alleviating the financing difficulties and financing problems of SMEs. Take the “micro-enterprise chain platform” jointly developed by Shenzhen Qianhailian Yirong Financial Services Co., Ltd. and Tencent as an example. The platform is based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, focusing on the application of supply chain financial scenarios, and through the core enterprise credit along the supply chain. Conducted to the end, allowing participants in each supply chain finance to obtain real information, and financial institutions can also efficiently fund the docking.