Analysis of the madman market on June 26: Crazy, what should we do?

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Bitcoin has already rushed to the 17-year high-hedged area, meaning that investors who have been dead for a year and a half will start to resurrect. From the weekly line, the heaviest pressures are 6000, 10000, 13000, 6000 and 10,000 dollars. Has been easily broken through crazy funds, then the current market will be adjusted around 13000, the adjustment is divided into two types, one is repeated shocks, one is a fallback, from the beginning of the year has now turned nearly four times the bit There is basically no retracement in the currency, so the big probability of this adjustment is a callback through the decline.

Analysis of the madman market on June 26: Crazy, what should we do?

If someone really wants the madman to say where to call back, the madman first sees around 9500-10000. Of course, this is just a traditional forecasting method. Actually, it depends on the specific circumstances of the callback. Therefore, the short-term madman’s suggestion is to lighten up near 12800. Waiting for a callback. If you are a long-term position, you can always stay still, long-term optimistic about bitcoin is the reason we insist on all the way, don't forget the initial heart, before someone asked the madman asset allocation, the madman's answer every time is bitcoin accounted for more than 50%, now everyone Do you understand why?


The relatively strong currency in the mainstream currency, but still did not outperform Bitcoin, it doesn't matter, the one that was held before, the bitcoin is always weak, the Ethereum will have the opportunity to make up, I can follow today. The increase has already illustrated the collective concern of funds.


Bitcoin rose 14%, xrp only rose 2%, and severely underperformed the pie, but this time there is no need to change the car again. If you have been holding it, stick to it first.


If you don't want to be weak, you will get closer and closer to the expectation of halving. The good landing will often become bad. Therefore, the Litecoin, which has been expected in advance, has become more difficult and will gradually weaken at this position.


Recently, the miners also started running, and BCH's expectations are not bad. They will be held along the 5th line.


There was no decent upswing, and 7.2-7.6 continued to fluctuate.


The Doomsday Chariot will start at any time. It is recommended that the funds for the recent take-profit can give him proper attention. This trend and form is a trend that breaks through the opening up at any time.


When the high position is oscillating, when Bitcoin is sideways, he may have a chance to attack.


Today, there are not many winners of Bitcoin, and it is a hero who dares to rise against the trend. The pressure is 2.9-3, and then it is dominated.

Anonymous coins have been well-received since the supervision was over. There is basically no market in the back. If you want to pull the generals out of the dwarf, it may be a little better.

The platform currency is basically a small rebound in the high position. There is no new willingness to rise again. The upside has been weak. The leading indicators may be adjusted first, paying attention to short-term risks.

The main reason for the increase in the small currency is the domestic public chain. There are still opportunities for these coins to go on the market. If you are optimistic, you can continue to do it. The 5-day line is the trend standard.

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