Up and down fluctuations of 3,000 bitcoin long and short double explosions appear again

Up and down fluctuations of three thousand points

2, the callback to follow the multi-single from $11,800 to $12,000, first to see $12,600, to see $13,000 and $13,500 after the breakthrough;

ETH Ethereum

The trend callback broke the 5-day moving average, and there may be turbulence in the follow-up. On the daily chart, the Bollinger band is up, and the Bollinger Band is on the 340 US dollar to suppress the trend. The moving average is in a long position and still has the motive for the rise. The MACD is above the 0-axis, and the quantity can continue to flow. The STOCH forms a dead fork on the 50-level line. The RSI is down at the 80-level line. The trend is mainly shock but biased downward. The operation still needs to pay attention to the possible risk of breakage. The rebound is mainly short-selling.

ETH operation strategy

1. At $340 and $350, follow the empty single-selling stop loss to see $320. When you break the $320, you will continue to follow up to see the day's low;

Up and down fluctuations of three thousand points

2, see $340 in a light position of $320 and a single stop with a good stop loss;

XRP Ruibo

Up and down fluctuations of three thousand points

It also kept the downward trend of the volatility. The trend fell below the 5-day moving average. It is currently above the 10-day moving average. At this stage, it is suppressed by the 5-day moving average of 0.47 US dollars, but there is a long support at 0.45 USD, so the operation suggests low altitude and short rebound. Mainly, the resistance is 0.47 US dollars, the key resistance is 0.5 US dollars, and the support is 0.45 US dollars;

LTC Wright

Up and down fluctuations of three thousand points

The daily Bollinger's opening condensation is parallel, and the price has already fallen below the Bollinger Middle Track. At this stage, the trend has entered the downtrend channel, so the price will not return to 135 US dollars in the short term, the trend will tend to go down, forming a sharp correction trend. The operation is recommended for high-altitude, rebound short, follow the empty order near 135 US dollars, when the callback continues to appear, you can open the position in the following batch, 130 US dollars, 120 US dollars to follow up;

BCH Prince

The trend of BCH also fell below the 5-day moving average, and it is approaching the 10-day moving average. The current price is staying near the 5-day moving average. There are signs of obstruction. At this stage, the trend has also formed a downward trend. The operation suggestion is low and low. Empty, and the callback is mostly supplemented.

Operation strategy:

1, in the $ 485 to follow the empty single belt with a good stop loss to see $ 450;

Up and down fluctuations of three thousand points

2, follow the multi-single with $450 to stop the loss to $485, and continue to see $500 when the rebound rebounds and breaks through $485.

EOS grapefruit

Up and down fluctuations of three thousand points

The trend fell sharply and hit the lower level of Bollinger. The recent shock trend also made EOS form a parallel channel of Bollinger Bands, and the trend remained volatile. This time, the price broke the 60-day moving average, and the lowest point reached 6.0 US dollars. Turning down the point, the trend has already been significantly broken at this stage, but the rebound is also relatively strong, the trend is also oscillating near the middle of the Bollinger Band, there should be a small amount of stocks to rebound in the follow-up, the operation is recommended to be low and low, the resistance is 7 dollars , supporting $6;

In the near future, the fluctuations will be relatively large, so we need to strictly control the risk of positions in the operation process to ensure the safety of funds. The mainstream currencies have fallen below the key support, and the trend is basically biased towards the callback, but the volume of this vacancy is strongly suppressed. After the follow-up can not continue to suppress, then the trend will form a counterattack posture, so when the trend reaches the key support, you can follow suit, the overall trend is still a optimistic attitude, the follow-up trend will still be adjusted back in the short term, and then the trend again If this wave can bring a good stop loss, then many of the friends' financial security is guaranteed. In the operation guidance suggestion, the author will strictly require the customer friend to take a good stop loss and make a safe and secure income model, and keep a good one. Operating habits, when the big market is fluctuating violently, the risk can be avoided in the first time, and the income is firmly controlled in the hands. This is what I have been reminding everyone, hoping to help more people to achieve a safer and more reasonable income model; (Fire Coin Information)