The Firecoin Global Station will be launched on April 16th by Huobi Prime on the Newton Project.

The Firecoin Global Station announced that it will open the second phase of the Huobi Prime on April 16th at 20:00:00. The online project is Newton Project (NEW). NEW will land on the main board trading area of ​​the Firecoin Global Station and open the NEW/HT trading pair. NEW's current transaction volume on Prime is 2,000,000,000, which is 2% of the total amount of tokens. Different from the first issue, the third round of NEW accounted for 50% of the total transaction volume of the current period. All qualified participants are “everyone has a share”, and the quota is linked to the average daily HT position of the user in the past 30 days. With a position of 2,500 HT, the user can get a 2000 USDT quota.