Chen Lei, Secretary-General of Block Chain Club of Peking University: In the short term, there will be no immediate large-scale mining clearance and closure.

In response to yesterday's National Development and Reform Commission, the virtual currency "mining" activities (the production process of bitcoin and other virtual currencies) were included in the third category of "Drafts". Chen Lei, secretary-general of the Block Chain Club of Peking University, said that in the long run, there is a process for the draft of the consultation draft to go to the implementation stage and the implementation stage. The period of industrial elimination is relatively long, and this period will last at least three years. There will be no immediate large-scale retreat and shutdown, and local governments have the momentum to maintain and the space for manoeuvre. In general, we must pay attention to the fact that the national industrial sector and the financial sector are consistent in dealing with the development of blockchain. The blockchain should be encouraged as a distributed technology, and the cryptocurrency is basically negated. Attitude, there have been no signs of loosening in the past two years. This is a question that all practitioners should think about. How can the blockchain empower the entity and land the business? This is the ultimate problem. The so-called token economy can be truly accepted. The only one. The channel may be on the road where the blockchain is landing.