The data shows that the trading volume of the Ethereum mainstream exchanges has declined significantly, and the decentralized financial applications have developed well.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on July 4, the price of Ethereum is $300.44, the total market value is $32,044.5M, the volume of mainstream exchanges is about $345.7M, which is 34.4% lower than yesterday; Ethereum continues to bitcoin exchange rate. In terms of fundamentals, the trading volume, active address and computing power of the Ethereum chain showed a downward trend; the DApp trading volume remained stable on the ETH chain. In the top 20 DApps, Ethereum recorded 8 seats, most of which were recorded. For decentralized financial applications, and ranked higher; Ethereum 30-day developer index is about 2.41; the current total market value of ERC20 tokens is about 55.10% of Ethereum's total market value; ERC20 active address number, the top five generations The currency is USDC, LINK, DAI, TUSD, PAX.