Media: Plus Token technical team suspected of participating in more than 10 funds

According to the official microblog of the Phoenix network blockchain, today, a friend broke the news that: Plustoken's technical team has participated in at least 10 funds at the same time, and added another one on June 27. The netizen launched an attack on Plustoken's server on July 1. The next day, due to the server's influence, the behind-the-scenes technical team separated the Plustoken project address from other projects. From July 2, PlustokenAPP was interrupted for several hours due to the attack. Subsequent maintenance is not maintained by the Plustoken technical team, but by Alibaba Cloud's black hole protection mechanism, which also shows that the Plustoken team has stopped maintaining the server. The netizen also said that the server host used by the project side is located in Hong Kong, and the link of the main propaganda position is currently unable to open. On June 15th, the project party has begun to transfer assets to other addresses where funds are deposited.