Analysis of the madman market on July 14: Do not see the small coins rubbing on the floor, but the undercurrent

Analysis of the madman market on July 14: Do not look at the small coins are rubbing on the floor, but the undercurrent

Market analysis

Gold has no big moves in the past 24 hours, and the world has stopped for a day, but Bitcoin has seen a slight rebound. Although the US asked Facebook to suspend the currency yesterday, it said that there are many loopholes in its white paper, but this is not for Bitcoin. It will be bearish, but the time for a large number of leeks to enter the market may change, and it will have little effect on the short-term trend.

On the daily line, it has been rebounding for three consecutive days, and the amount can be gradually reduced. However, the reduction is not large, indicating that the bulls are still in a state of excitement. 12000 is still a short-term super pressure. If you want to break through, you still need to repeatedly kill above 11000. Therefore, Bitcoin will still be dominated by 11000-12000. In the short term, it will not fall again to 11,000, and the market will be dominated by shocks.


Continue to hold, and when he has to make up in the morning and evening, don't lose confidence.


Ripley's daily line is still very weak and does not participate.


It is weak, but Li Qiwei will broadcast live at 14 o'clock. I don't know if there is a chance to bring a wave of rhythm. Even if it rises, it is a short-term opportunity and does not participate in chasing high.


The pressure level is around 6 blocks, and it should be held first. There should be a chance to break through.


Not too much movement, or the situation of low shocks, temporarily not participating.


Anonymous coins go relatively strong, you can consider participating, and so on.

Platform currency:

In the short term, there is no good expectation. The relatively strong is still HT, OKB and BNB are weak, and short-term is not recommended.

As long as the small coins are rising, the range is not small. If you don’t move, you will always be squatting. You can see which currencies are active in the community. Recently, you have been making frequent appearances. As long as the price of the currency has not risen, you can sneak in and bury the project. Everything is rhythmic. It is necessary to dare to intervene at the beginning of the vocalization, or some of the coins have begun to change significantly in the near future, such as heavy volume, long shadows, etc., it is necessary to add a self-selected stare at him, not necessarily The sky rushed to the market.

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