More than the original chain and FIBOS will continue to cooperate in areas such as blockchain commercial applications.

More in-depth cooperation with the original chain and FIBOS in the field of blockchain commercial applications, cutting-edge technology development, community governance and other fields. FIBOS Fibonacci will launch a 1.0 decentralized cross-chain solution based on the original chain in the near future. Under the premise of not adding additional governance layers or side chains, the decentralized cross-chain can be realized, and the assets in the original chain will be able to achieve a safe and stable native cross-chain, and the main chain assets will also obtain greater circulation value. Relying on the ecology and resources of the original chain, the decentralized cross-chain scheme will bring broader application space and commercial potential to FIBOS, and decentralized network and commercial application platform construction for diversified asset registration and circulation. Play a driving role. It is reported that FIBOS Fibonacci will also participate in the original chain global development competition held in San Francisco in August.