Viewpoint | Giants enter, super industry cattle or on the road

Every round of digital currency has a theme. This theme is often after the bull market, people can summarize and extract. For example, before the end of 2017, no one expected that the theme of this round of bull market turned out to be the ICO triggered by Ethereum.

Although most of the past bull market themes are only understood afterwards, it does not mean that we cannot predict the theme of the next bull market. Based on the rules and accurate information, along with very rigorous logical reasoning, I confirm that I have found the password for this round of super bull market.

BTC ten years of bullish trend K-line chart

Facebook brings new users’ expectations and is directly pushing hands

Facebook’s launch of Libra’s Scorpion currency is a direct push for BTC to break through $10,000 and push it up to $14,000. But why Libra has such a strong boost to the market, but did not see reliable analysis.

In the past few days, I have been composing a book about Libra. I have browsed almost all the analytical articles about Libra on the market in a short time and found that most people have neglected some extremely important things:

First, the user enters Libra, which is equivalent to entering BTC.

Due to the strong influence of Facebook and the expectation of massive users, all major exchanges, wallets and various platforms will announce Libra for the first time. Users trading in Libra and BTC, etc., or flashing, will be very smooth.

Second, among ordinary users, the proportion of people with investment and risk attributes is constant.

Entering Libra is equivalent to entering BTC, and the ability is there, but there is still one reason: Why should 2.76 billion users enter BTC?

The answer is: the proportion of people with investment and risk attributes is constant.

According to data released by China Settlement on April 16, 2019, the number of Chinese investors has reached 151 million, accounting for 10.8% of the country's total population.

According to this ratio, how many new users will enter the BTC with 2.76 billion users? 298 million! Considering the functions such as wallet flashing, it is much easier to get started than going to a securities company. We have reason to believe that the real number will be much higher than 298 million.

Now there are only 30 to 50 million currency players around the world, 298 million new users, nearly ten times the number of new users entering the market, what will it bring to the whole market? Please make your own brain.

More than 330 million people worldwide

Third, Libra is a stable currency, can not be fried

Another extremely important factor is regulation. The SEC has clearly set the regulatory standards, so it is difficult for giants like Facebook to break through the regulation, they can only send stable currency.

The stability of the currency is small, except for the large-scale inbound and outbound foreign exchange hedge players, most users are not able to speculate, it is difficult to obtain high returns. Therefore, most users will only regard Libra as a bridge and channel into the digital currency world.

Other giants must follow up, bringing higher user admission expectations

If you are the CEO of Twitter, Google and other giants, what choices do you have to make, whether to surrender to Libra, or to start a new one?

What, do you want to surrender? Sorry, your board doesn't agree, so they will immediately dismiss you.

Driven by the power of capital, no one is willing to give up the huge temptation of interest. Which giant does not do it by itself, which giant will change the head.

It can be clearly expected that a large number of international Internet giants, regional Internet giants, financial giants and some regional governments will never wait for the harvest. When you read this article, they are discussing the plan for a day and night meeting. .

In the later days, there will be various big giants and small giants getting together to release their own stable currency plans, and even if they don't release plans, it is not impossible to send money directly.

These guys will bring in more than 3 billion user expectations.

International giants will bring at least 3 billion user expectations

Ordinary people entering the market led to the rise of the concept of industry

Everyone recalls that various VC and media madness O2O concepts, group purchases and take-outs are crazy to save money. Is it time to start? What happened at that time?

The Thousand Regiment Battle began at the end of 2011 and was upgraded throughout 2012, continuing in 2013, ending in 2014. In the same year, the burning of money for taxis and takeaways began.

Why is this a few years?

The popularity of mobile Internet, the popularity of smart phones, the maturity of LBS technology, and the popularity of mobile payments are all crucial. However, from a macro perspective, there is only one reason to qualify as the real reason: a large number of ordinary users enter the market.

Remember a very common basic common sense:

The presence of a large number of ordinary users will bring about a major outbreak of vertical industry.

The VC of the year was the primary market, and the digital currency was the secondary market. The secondary market will advance and amplify future expectations.

This is the core driving force of this round of super bull market.

Advise your friends, don't just know to watch the K line and see the technology. If you want to seize the long-term gains, you must look at the fundamentals. At least this wave of super long cattle comes from the expectation of a vertical industry explosion.

Money is in the industry.

Money, all in the industry

Vertical industry projects are solid

Starting from 2017 and 2018, a large-scale vertical industry project was established. In addition to the flicker of some pure speculative molecules, there are still many vertical industry giants who come with resources to plough in the cold winter of the bear market and wait for the spring blossoms.

These projects have something in common:

1. There are mature and mature stocks of industrial resources;

2. Focus on the creation of incremental value;

3. The ideology aspect is more emphasis on the “pass-ups”, and there is a general rejection of the speculative currency;

4, no shortage of money.

The basic characteristics of these projects can be simply described as: industry is more gold, creating value, and having money.

In summary, the giants have expected the arrival of a large number of ordinary users, because they opened the door, and their own stable currency did not have to speculate, so investment demand will flood into the secondary market of digital currency.

The presence of a large number of ordinary users will bring about the outbreak of vertical industries, while the industrial projects in the digital currency field are not only solid, but also not bad for themselves, and more importantly, they have been underestimated.

It is a perfect super bull market theme.

Finally, remind the vast number of investors who “can't catch up with the hot”. When you are all rushing into the hottest theme, the truly wise people are laying out the areas that you have neglected.

While you are still chasing some of the so-called "most powerful techniques" concept, crying and shouting to be a leek and a pick-up man, the industrial behemoth just waking up is passing by you.

On the day of the US delegation's listing on September 20, 2018, who else would care about Wang Xing's use of technology?

Author: Qigong, the original title "has come! Super industry cattle are on the road"