Jarvis+ and Microsoft host Hackfest to build the next generation of intelligent community brain based on MASS

The decentralized smart community and economic platform Jarvis+ (JarvisPlus) revealed that it is preparing to host a Hackfest event with Microsoft to further enhance the performance of the new generation of artificial intelligence engine MASS in the blockchain field. MASS is a new universal pre-training method MASS proposed by Microsoft Research Asia on ICML 2019, which surpasses BERT and GPT in sequence-to-sequence natural language generation tasks. Jarvis+ and Microsoft conduct scientific research cooperation in many rounds of multi-person dialogues, Chinese corpus, short texts, etc., further enhancing the accuracy of MASS in community short texts and Chinese.

About Microsoft MASS: https://0x9.me/2u6LE

About Jarvis+ (JarvisPlus): https://www.jarvisplus.com